A conversation between two djinn:

"Then return to your master and tell him he is marrying the most beautiful of women," Fedj said, lounging back among the cushions.
"I wish that I could, O Peerless One," Pukh sad sadly. "As I said, I have -seen- the Princess…"
"And are her eyes not the soft and gentle eyes of the gazelle? demanded Fedj.
Pukah shook his head. "The eyes of a prowling leopard."
Fedj flushed in anger. "Her lips, red as the rose!"
"Red as the persimmon."
"Her hair, the black feathers of the ostrich-"
"The feathers of the vulture."
"Her breasts, white as the snow of mountain tops."
"That much I'll concede."

The wedding….

"Sond! If Jaafar speaks the vows of his daughter, will she and my son be married in the eyes of Hazrat Akhrahn?"
"If Zohra's father's camel spoke the vows, they would be married in the eyes of Hazrat Akhran!"

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