The Ghul are near human and were once human before Ab's wrath was unleashed on Alhambra. The Ghul were some of those who were unable to reach a temple for safety. Instead they went underground, and turned to one of the Ifriti to learn how to survive in this new hostile land. The Ifriti gave the Ghul the ability to consume the power of those other creatures capable of surviving in the harsh lands left by Ab's fury.

The Ghul organize in small groups much as other Ifriti worshipers do, they travel from one store hold of water to another, it is in these dark oases that they perform their worships. They keep their lore in song and story that tells the paths from one to another. Each is held and maintained by a Sept of Ghul. Marriage is from one sept to another, the young men of various septs sent to live with the sept of a prospective wife.

Occasionally a human will be taken into a Ghul sept, generally these are the ones who have proven that they are survivors, or who already worship the Ifriti and show potential to be survivors.

Each Sept is lead by their oldest member still capable of hunting; gender does not matter for this position. Bloodlines are traced through mothers. The Ghul are very strait forward, their dealings with the Ifrit over the centuries has taught them the danger of twisted words.

Ghul in your plots
Ask the Alhambra propco or a Ghul PC for advice if you wish to involve Ghul in your plots.

Interested in being a Ghul?
If in chargen, talk to the Alhambra propco for advice; some backgrounds may be fundamentally incompatible.

You will need to take at least the first gift on DEV and JIN in order to be considered one of the Ghul either born or adopted into a Sept.

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