Nazira bint Surayya abd Umm al Jinn

Daughter of the Stars


Headstrong and quick-tempered, Nazira says the stars sing to her day and night. She sets her life by their harmonies.

She comes from a family of wealthy horse breeders but her dreams of future events and of the night skies of other worlds set her apart. She came to the attention of Basira, High Priestess of Umm, when she predicted the fall of one of the oases to the Black Road. She was taken to Irem Zahat al Imad to be trained as a priestess but her education began seven years later than is customary and she was a constant source of frustration to the elder priests.

Eventually, the elders could teach her no more and strongly suggested that she begin training with Surayya instead. She now lives in the embassy where she listens to the songs of the stars in this new place.

It is believed that she is being groomed to move into the Royal Astrologer position when Surayya becomes the high priestess.


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