Where Light Rules...

For times untold, the kingdom of Alhambra has been ruled by the Noor, a poetic term for their Queen, or their 'Light'. She resides in the Palace of Light in Irem Zahat al Imad. Families are often established with the woman as the head and heart of the household, though the man is not without his place. His is the protection of the land, while hers is the protection of its spirit. Marriage is not a common thing, usually reserved for bringing about alliances between desert tribes. Even the Noor herself is often without a true king, taking a Consort instead. Fidelity, however, is expected in these relationships, for as long as they might last.

Succession passes from mother to her eldest daughter, often with any brothers or sisters retaining the titles of Amir or Amira out of respect.

Alhambrans are a somewhat nomadic people, caravan trails spreading as wide and far as the deserts may lead. Silks, perfumes, jewelery, incense—they are all common trade within the city, its main export to nearby shadows and Amber itself.

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